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Siddharth Naik

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Growing up and studying in India for about 24 years has diversified my knowledge, learning, experience and taught me to be around people with different beliefs and values.

I love learning and playing around with new technology and working towards implementing them to deliver mind-blowing results.

I am passionate about working with stakeholders and cross-functional teams. I unequivocally accept that critical thinking is at the centre of any activity on the planet, independent of the field.

I am a generalist who likes to converse with individuals to find out about requirements and objectives, make ideas and complex interactions, helping the organization meet the needs and possibly get better output than expected

During my free time, I write about technologies, new tools and software which could disrupt and revolutionalize the tech industry.

Also, I am the Fountain-head at Growth Hack Monks, where we develop the most interactive web and mobile application, static and dynamic website using cutting edge technology and also help large and small enterprises to boost their business online and get skyrocket results from millions of audience online.


I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief  at Techipundit & MobilePcTablet, One of the top listed Online Tech Media Publication. 

Unexploredegdes, is where I share my travel experience and much more


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